The Facilities
The Los Cedros USA main courtyard is a lush oasis in the center of the facility. Gorgeous trees, flowers, and many beautiful bronze statues adorn the courtyard, with many benches to just sit and take it all in. Within the courtyard is a chained-off presentation area where horse shows are performed. Four grass areas within the courtyard, comprising 15,000 square feet, can be used to accommodate small to medium sized events.

The covered arena is a great place to ride horses, with a beatiful mix that protects the horses legs from greater impact. The protection from the weather, hot or wet, makes it a perfect option for consistency during seasonal challenges. The solid block construction also offers significant protection from the days warmth. Horse shows and clinics come to Los Cedros to enjoy all that this top-tier facility has to offer.

The care of every horse at Los Cedros is our utmost concern. Our goal is for every horse to be clean and happy in their environment. Horses at Los Cedros enjoy the best of care and accommodations available:
  • One large covered arena
  • One regulation dressage arena
  • Two outdoor arenas
  • Most stalls have a window without bars looking out to the courtyard
  • Stalls have bars on the front and sides so the horses are not isolated from each other
  • Rail doors - nothing to swing or catch your horse
  • The architecture and altitude keep the barn much cooler in the summer
  • All stalls have mats
  • Stall lights for good coats in the winter
  • Automated fly spraying for insect control in each stall
  • Automatic watering
  • Feeding three times a day, 24/7/365, two types of hay
  • Stall cleaning two times a day, 24/7/365
  • A 24 hour camera system and night motion detectors for security
  • Grass pastures
  • Equine therapeutic pool
  • Two hot walkers, two round pens
  • A trail around the 33 acres
  • Veterinary Lab and Breeding Room
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